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Friday, June 03, 2005

Mohammad Reza Mir Tajeddini: Islamic propagation organizations to be merged - Irna

MP: Islamic propagation organizations to be merged - Irna: "MP: Islamic propagation organizations to be merged Tehran, May 8, IRNA
Deputy head of Majlis Cultural Commission and MP from Tabriz, Mohammad Reza Mir Tajeddini here Sunday announced that a draft is currently being drawn up in the Majlis for merging various Islamic propagation institutions and reorganizing their structures.

Speaking to reporters, he said that representatives from one of the religious propagation organizations will take part in the Cultural Commission's weekly meetings and their views will be used to draw up the draft.

"The Islamic Propagation Organization, Islamic Propagation Bureau of the Seminary, Endowment and Charity Organization, Headquarters in charge of the mosques affairs, Friday Prayer Headquarters and similar institutions will be merged.

"Once they are merged, a council to be named `supreme propagation council' will be formed. The council will be chaired by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei," he added.

The MP noted that a new organization to be called, `endowment, Islamic propagation and charity organization' will soon be set up.

It will be headed by a cabinet member.

"The new organization will be administered by five deputies in charge of `cultural, artistic and promotional affairs', `organizing public affairs, religious bodies and charity affairs', `research and training', `endowment and development of mosques and religious centers' and `financial affairs and maintenance'."


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