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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Marashi outlines Kargozaran plans for parliamentary elections

Marashi outlines Kargozaran plans for parliamentary elections: "Payvand's Iran News ...

Marashi outlines Kargozaran plans for parliamentary elections
Tehran, Oct. 19, IRNA -- A senior official of Kargozaran-e Sazangedi (executives of construction) party, outlining its plans for participation in the sixth parliamentary elections, slated for February 18, said the party may form coalition with legal and official groups.
Speaking at a press conference, acting secretary general of the party Hussein Marashi said according to the approval of the central council, Kargozaran will never form coalition with the right faction. but, he stressed, it may include in its proposed list, those competent candidates from the right faction whose plans are in conformity with those of Kargozaran.

He said the right faction is composed of two different groups-- a prudent and sympathetic trend which seeks preservation of unity and convergence among political groups and an extremist wing which might ruin the achievements of the former and expose the country to political crisis.

He called on what he referred to as the "prudent group" of factions to show reaction against incalculated political moves of the extremist groups.

Terming as "unpredictable" composition of the 6th parliament, Marashi said such a formation does not merely depend on orientations of the right faction but rather on the consolidation of reformist forces.

He told reporters that despite some disagreements with "2nd Khordad front" (took shape in the aftermath of May 23, 1997 presidential elections), Kargozaran will not appear in the forthcoming elections independently. Rather, he added, the party will strive to coalesce with 2nd Khordad groups while preserving its own plans and policies.

Marashi pointed to promulgation of rule of law, discipline in running state affairs, institutionalization of public participation in their own fate, striving to construct the country, preservation of individual and social security and freedoms, support for the Majlis, backing detente policy at international fora and care for affairs pertaining to women and youth as topics of Kargozaran's plans for the forthcoming elections.

Underlining preservation of individual and collective security for all masses of the society, Marashi said security is a protective umbrella which should cover the entire society irrespective of the nature of outlooks and thoughts.

He said that cooperation with the judiciary with an aim to improve judicial services and help establishment of a progressive judicial system is also among other major programs of Kargozaran in the 6th Majlis.

In reply to a question on the trial of abdollah Nouri, managing director of the daily Khordad, Marashi expressed the hope that the special court for the clergy would pay due attention to Nouri's revolutionary record and his family reputation as well as the degree of respect that people and political groups have for him.

He said, "we cannot accept that an offense at the level of the managing direct of a daily would lead to rejection of his qualification to run for the Majlis elections."

As for the alleged competition between Abdollah Nouri and Hashemi Rafsanjani for the presidency of the 6th Majlis, Marashi rejected the idea and said in case Hashemi decides to run for the election naturally no one would compete with him over the Majlis presidency.

Answering a question on the case of former Tehran mayor Gholamhussein Karbaschi who is spending his prison term on graft charges, Marashi said all the activities of secretary general of Kargozaran within the Tehran municipality have been legal.

Stressing that investigations made by former management of Tehran justice department in Karbaschi's case have been contrary to legal and judicial standards, Marashi said in case of reinvestigation, Karbaschi will be acquitted."


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