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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

filmmaker Saeed Abutaleb: Return of Veteran Actors Opposed

Iran Daily: "Return of Veteran Actors Opposed

TEHRAN, Nov. 7--Member of Parliament and filmmaker Saeed Abutaleb has said that the return of old actors to the screens will not be useful noting that such a cast has nothing new to offer to the moviegoers.
Modern cinema, he observed, has witnessed dramatic changes in techniques, form and content. "Veteran actors may have been successful in the prime of their careers, but, after 30 years, their films will not be appreciated by the audience," he added.
"In the years following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian cinema industry has seen the rise of famous stars who have been successful in international festivals."
He said that veteran actors could not keep up with the standards of their counterparts who Iranian cinema has trained in the past two decades. The objectives of those advocating the use of old actors are not clear, he said.
Abutaleb, who directed the films 'Aids', 'Dance of Poverty' and documentaries of 'Winter 79', 'But, Love' and the 'Blue Life of the Persian Gulf', said that the return of old actors to the screen is not justified."


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