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Monday, January 10, 2005

Chalabi: "Accusing Iran of interfering in Iraq unacceptable"

: "Chalabi:Accusing Iran of interfering in Iraq unacceptable
Ilam, Jan 11, IRNA -- Head of Iraqi National Congress Party Ahmed Chalabi said Monday in Baghdad, "Accusations made by some Iraqi
officials against Iran are totally unacceptable."

Radio Iraq in one of its Monday night reports quoted Chalabi saying as, "Iraq is not under the influence of Iran. the Iranians` interest in Iraq is mainly due to presence of Imam Ali`s (PBUH) and Imam Hossein`s (PBUH) shrines in our soil. He added, "The `Solid Iraq` election list, which is backed by Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani, has nothing to do with establishment of a political system similar to the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Chalabi further reiterated that Iran has never interfered in Iraq`s internal affairs and that accusations by some Iraqi officials in that concern were groundless and proof for inconstancy on political orations in Prime Minister Allawi`s government. Although Allawi is my friend, Chalabi said, I am unsatisfied with his security policy in Iraq and some of the existing problems arise from the weak conduct of his government.

Chalabi`s remarks were mainly interpreted as a reaction to reband Iraqi Defense Minister al-Shaalan`s often repeated baseless accusations, and even threats against the friendly Iranian nation and government."


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