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Monday, January 10, 2005

[28 Oct 1996] GA/SHC/3367 : Fatemeh Hashemi Bahremani Statement to the UN

[28 Oct 1996] GA/SHC/3367 : IMPROVED STATUS OF WOMEN NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN ECONOMIC GROWTH, THIRD COMMITTEE TOLD, AS DEBATE CONTINUES ON WOMEN'S ISSUES: "FATEMEH HASHEMI BAHREMANI (Iran) said the world was facing a moral crisis caused by centuries of tyranny, injustice and bankrupt moral values, as well as indifference and inaction in granting women's inherent rights. The advancement of women was considered among the main elements for social development because it played a vital role in economic, social, cultural and political development. Ensuring that women enjoy all human rights was an essential precondition for development, because women's issues affected all of society. The successful advancement of women's rights should address three integrated areas: family, society and the State. In the process of implementing such a programme, respect for each country's moral, cultural and religious values should also be respected.

Iran's experiences in the advancement of women had been built on the basis of the Islamic tenets following the Islamic Revolution, she said. The Government had endeavoured to improve women's status in all aspects during the past 18 years. Women were participating in all economic, social and political activities, including in the national decision-making process as members of parliament, advisers and under-secretaries to the president and ministers. A women's council, a policy-making body for women's issues, had been established in order to further the status of women. Work had been carried out in health services as well, and as a result women's life expectancy had increased and birth mortality had been reduced."


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