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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Supreme Leader "appoints" President - Mesbah Yazdi

Supreme Leader "appoints" President - Mesbah Yazdi: "Supreme Leader "appoints" President - Mesbah Yazdi


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Iran : Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi says Islamic ruler "appoints" the president

BBC Worldwide Monitoring
Source: `Hamshahri', Tehran, in Persian 7 Dec 98/BBC Worldwide Monitoring/(c)

Text of report by Iranian newspaper `Hamshahri' on 6th December

Tehran : Addressing thousands of people at the Tehran Friday prayers [on
4th December], held on the Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Mohammad
Taqi Mesbah- Yazdi referred to some countries as the "leaders of colonial
world" which he said were trying to promote a democracy in which
"religious involvement in social affairs was banned" .

Addressing the gathering before the Friday prayers sermons, he said: The
leaders of global colonialism believe democracy is a secular regime which
is not compatible with religion.

Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi said: Such an interpretation of democracy has no
place in religion, and is totally opposed to Islam because this
interpretation boils down to the negation of all divine religions
including Islam.

He pointed out: In an Islamic government people play an active in their
own affairs by participating in elections and appointing the president and
the Majlis deputies.

The member of the Guardian Council added: When people vote for an
individual to become the president, they are in fact proposing him to the
Islamic ruler who will then "appoint" the proposed individual on the
grounds that he believes the vote and the choice of the people are in the
interests of society."


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