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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Mellat EU Should Compensate Errors: Aladdin Boroujerdi

Mellat Electronic Newspaper: "EU Should Compensate Errors

TEHRAN - A senior parliamentarian says the European Union should make up for the mistakes it committed vis-à-vis Iran's nuclear dossier.
The Europeans have to make up for their mistakes to set the stage for our deliberations on snap inspections," Aladdin Boroujerdi has told Hamshahri newspaper.
"Under the present circumstances, we cannot make up our minds," he said.
"The Europeans did not keep their pledges and even violated their obligations. They adopted a harsh resolution against Iran last month," said Boroujerdi, chairman of Majlis Foreign Policy and National Security Committee.
"The United States has managed to pit the world against us through its print media and we have to win back the world confidence in our peaceful nuclear programs," he said.
"To this effect, we held dialogue with the three European countries to prove our goodwill and neutralize the US-Israeli conspiracy against the country. We voluntarily suspended our enrichment of uranium. The Europeans promised us to have Iran's nuclear dossier closed in exchange for our decision to halt building components for centrifuges. We intended to demonstrate that we were not seeking any atomic bomb. We also gave our initial approval to the NPT."
However, Boroujerdi called for persistent dialogue with the European Union.
"We look into all countries from a positive standpoint. We are set to broaden our ties with the Europe, nuclear case aside. Unlike the United States, the Europeans and Iran can have good bonds. However, we have to adopt a more active diplomacy vis-à-vis the non-aligned nations. It does not necessary mean that we forget our interactions with the Europeans.""


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