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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Khatami, Nabavi are elected as Deputy Speakers - Ansari 3rd Boroujerdi 4th

Khatami, Nabavi are elected as Deputy Speakers - www.ezboard.com: "Khatami, Nabavi are elected as Deputy Speakers
Nabavi, Khatami elected deputy speakers
Tehran, June 11, IRNA -- Behzad Nabavi, with 155 votes and
Mohammad-Reza Khatami with 135 votes, out of a total of 248 votes cast
were elected first and second vice-speakers, respectively, of
the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis). Both will serve for a term
of one year.
Other candidates who vied for the posts were Majid Ansari and
Aladdin Boroujerdi who secured 115 and 58 votes, respectively.
Mohammad-Reza Khatami, younger brother of President Mohammad
Khatami, is the secretary for political affairs of the reformist
Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) while Nabavi is the
spokesman of the May 23 Front and member of the Islamic Revolution
Mojahedin Organization.
Earlier, Majid Ansari and Abol-Qassem Sarhaddi-Zadeh
were elected interim vice-speakers who defeated rivals Mohammad
Mir-Mohammadi and Jamileh Kadivar.
According to Majlis by-laws, permanent members of a new presiding
board can only be elected after the credentials of at least two-thirds
of newly elected members are approved.
The Guardian Council has so far approved the credentials of 246
MPs to the sixth Majlis which opened on May 27. To date 27 seats
remain to be filled.
::irna 11/06/2000 11:57 "


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