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Monday, December 20, 2004

IranMania News: Human trafficking on the rise in Iran

IranMania News: "Human trafficking on the rise in Iran

Monday, December 20, 2004 - ©2004 IranMania.com

LONDON, Dec 20 (IranMania) – According to the Iranian Interior Minister’s Advisor human trafficking is turning into a bigger concern in Iran than drug trafficking and the phenomenon has taken on new dimensions in recent years, Iran’s Aftab Daily reported.

Addressing domestic and foreign reporters, Ahmad Husseini said: “From among those people who have been smuggled into the country, 1,400 were arrested in Mashhad, northeastern Iran and 1,350 others in Ahvaz, southern Iran.”

According to the Iranian official, many Afghan and Iraqi refugees have returned to Iran even after their repatriation, as they found the situation in their homeland undesirable.

Referring to the increase in the number of street children in Iran, Husseini said: “Statistics show that out of the 1,200 street children questioned in the past month, 600 have come from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India."


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