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Saturday, December 18, 2004


IRIB PERSIAN NEWS PAGE: "MPs will support resuming enrichment

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Tehran, Oct 31 - Head of Majlis national security and foreign policy commission said here Saturday that the bill for obliging the government to resume uranium enrichment pending at the Majlis will garner significant support.

Aladdin Boroujerdi said that the bill which has been drawn up by 238 deputies will be presented to the Majlis floor on Sunday.

He called the vote "a historic first" in all the session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis).

"The bill will obligate the government to determine a specific date pertaining to the issue of the current freeze on the uranium enrichment."

He added that the bill is to have two readings and be finalized in the second one.

The representatives are permitted to present their views and proposals following the initial reading to be incorporated in the final draft.

He said that the statements by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution over the nuclear negotiations in Vienna are "pivotal" and "final."

On the issue of threats by some to send Iran's nuclear file to the UN Security Council, Boroujerdi said this is not a simple affair and if the Security Council takes up the case, "Iran's first step should be to withdraw from the additional protocol of th e Non-Proliferation-Treaty (NPT) and scrap snap inspection."

"This possibility that Iran may assume such a posture is important for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as well as the European states.

"It is natural that they will take into account all the relevant angles before reaching a decision on the issue," the MP underlined.

He said there are no logical underpinnings by the Europeans in their negotiations with Iran on the peaceful nuclear activities.

Boroujerd surmised that any unwarranted stance by the Europeans will face serious resistance at the IAEA governing board, "Because Iran has carried out policies that have been espoused by the nuclear watchdog agency and has acted within the confines of t he IAEA guidelines."

He further brushed aside "any legitimate basis for sending Iran's case to the UN Security Council."

He said the third session of talks between Iran and European trio - France, Britain and Germany - is slated to take place in Paris by the end of the week.

Iran has opted for a wait and see attitude on the trend of the negotiations and the Iranian delegation has a serious stancein these talks, Boroujerdi said.

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