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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Behzad Nabavi: Mousavi 1st Choice for President Moin 2nd Choice

Iran Daily: "Reformists Still Focused on Mousavi

TEHRAN, Nov. 17--A prominent politician on Tuesday said the reformist camp is still determined to continue its negotiations with former prime minister, Mir Hossein Mousavi, to convince him to nominate himself for the presidency in May 2005.
Behzad Nabavi, a member of the Islamic Revolution's Mujahideen Organization (IRMO), also said, "There are other candidates under consideration, such as Mostafa Moin, the former minister of higher education. However, before reaching an agreement with Mousavi, we will not declare anyone as our definite candidate."
According to ISNA, Nabavi noted that the strategies of the reformist camp will depend on who wins the next presidential race.
Asked what the reformist camp would do if its nominees were disqualified, Nabavi said, "Our guidelines has always been to participate in electoral races, no matter what. We have always announced that we are a reformist current active within the framework of the constitution. Therefore, we have no other alternative, but to participate in electoral races.""


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