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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Behzad Nabavi - Iran News � July 26, 1997, p

Published in Tehran-based English daily Iran News � July 26, 1997, p: "Behzad Nabavi

Behzad Nabavi is another prominent figure qualified for a ministerial seat in Khatami’s Cabinet. Nabavi, who is the chairman of the Islamic Revolution Mujahideen Organization and a former minister in Musavi’s Cabinet, openly supported Khatami during the election campaigning.

He is a renowned left-wing theoretician. He has published a series of articles in the Asr-e Ma (Our Era) Weekly which is the mouthpiece of his organization. In these articles, he has defined and differentiated Iran’s political wings as traditional right, modern right, classic left, and new left.

Apparently, Nabavi has a very clean political record. But the problem that he faces is that in a diagram showing the political stances of the leftists, he stands at the peak. He is known as the most hard-line figure in the left wing who is very open and explicit in his statements.

In terms of political groupings, Nabavi is very close to Khatami, but the self-restrained, realistic, and tolerant nature of Khatami is not compatible with Nabavi’s character. Khatami will, therefore, not appoint Nabavi as a minister.



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