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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Behzad Nabavi allegedly backs US invasion of Iran

You say you want a revolution || kuro5hin.org: "Behzad Nabavi, the Majles Deputy-speaker and reformist, explains, "If one admits that the Iraqis are delighted with Saddam Hussein's end, one must also think about the possibility that maybe, the Iranians would celebrate at the end of the Islamic Republic as well." In an open letter to President Khatami asking for the release of fellow writers from prison, Ebrahim Nabavi wrote that he would prefer American occupation to the current government that consistently ignores the rights of the citizens.

On those calling for American intervention, Behzad Nabavi said, "It is obvious that it is the result of our mistake. The fact that people prefer a foreign invasion to living in the Islamic Republic is only the sign of our failure. We have not been able to fulfill the people's democratic aspirations and it is normal that they are disappointed."

Regardless of how you see the Iraq war initially, it is undeniably producing fruit already. Leadership in Tehran, along with the rest of the world, is getting a clear message. A threat of force is only credible if it is occasionally backed up, and now a fear of America seems to be moving through governments across the region. Nabavi explains how Iran can avoid the same happening to it, "How would I not be afraid of an America armed to the teeth and who demonstrated in Iraq its total disdain of respect for the sovereignty of the States? Yes, I am afraid. The Americans are apparently able do whatever they like; no matter the United Nations or even the Western public opinion." He continued, "The only and somewhat acceptable argument to the eyes of the western intellectuals justifying a hostile action against a country is the instauration of democracy." He sees that "the best defense of Iran against the Americans would be to reinforce its democracy in order to deprive them of their arguments." If the perception is that restoring democracy is how you stave off American force, then we came across loud and clear in Iraq. It is hard to imagine a better message."


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