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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Aladdin Boroujerdi cautions IAEA on nuclear file, says Iran may withdraw from NPT

MP cautions IAEA on nuclear file, says Iran may withdraw from NPT: "MP cautions IAEA on nuclear file, says Iran may withdraw from NPT
IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Oct 14, IRNA -- Head of Majlis National Security and Foreign
Policy Commission said here Thursday that if Iran`s nuclear case is
referred to the UN Security Council, Iran will end it cooperation with
the International Atomic Energy Agency`s (IAEA) inspectors and
withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
In a press conference, Aladdin Boroujerdi who is in Moscow on
official invitation, said the article four of the NPT give explicit
legitimacy to Iran to use the developed nation`s technology to gain
capability for exploration and enrichment of uranium.
Iran has been a member of the NPT for over three decade and before
the Islamic revolution the country was scheduled to obtain 23 atomic
reactors to be supplied by the US, France, Germany, Boroujerdi
underlined. After the revolution these projects were stopped for
political reasons, and now the Majlis is resolved in defending the
national rights.
Despite, the continuing US objections to Iran`s peaceful nuclear
technology program, "we signed the additional protocol and handed in
a 1030 page dossier to the IAEA governing board and resolved all
doubts and concerns."
"We expect the Security Council, now that Iran has voluntarily
and transparently halted the uranium enrichment, to embark on mutual
confidence building and close Iran`s nuclear file," Boroujerdi
Iran was deprived of its legal and legitimate right enshrined in
`Article 4` of NPT by the western nations and using its experts has
uccessfully enriched uranium and has made transparency and confidence
building its policy.
He then referred to the Group of Eight (D-8) meeting which is to
kick off Friday. "We hope that if they discuss Iran`s nuclear program
they will draw upon the NPT provisions and accept our legal case."
"Otherwise the will be confronted with Majlis reaction in
defending the national rights," he further warned.
On the return of Bushehr`s powerplant`s spent nuclear fuel to
Russia, he said negotiations are continuing on the issue. The Russian
Atomic Energy Minister is slated to visit Iran and tour the
powerplant. The agreement will be signed in the near future, the MP
Boroujerdi expressed satisfaction on meeting with Russian Duma
officials, secretary general of Security Council and energy minister
saying that the upcoming visit by the Russian President Vladimir Putin
will a impetus for bolstering mutual relations.
He added that all Russian officials stressed their support of
Iran`s nuclear program as well as expansion of bilateral relation in
all areas.
The two nations have common views on peace and security in Iraq
and Afghanistan, as well as on combating terrorism and drug
trafficking worldwide.
He lamented that the amount of drug cultivation in Afghanistan,
during the US presence, has been doubled. Iran has lost 3,000 of its
police force in the drug fight.
Boroujerdi heading a delegation of Majlis National Security and
Foreign Policy Commission is in Moscow on an invitation by the Duma`s
Foreign Affairs committee.
The delegation will return to Tehran Thursday night.
Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi here Tuesday said that suspension
of uranium enrichment which was agreed upon in Tehran still continues,
stressing that confidence-building should be bilateral and the two
sides should undertake their commitments.
Talking to IRNA on the sidelines of the 12th International
Conference on Central Asia and the Caucasus, Kharrazi pointed to
Iran`s nuclear dossier and added that whenever one side refused to
fulfill its commitment, problems would naturally arise.
"We suspended parts manufacturing voluntarily and there was no
need for us to continue this because they did not keep their
promises," Kharrazi said.
"In Tehran meeting, we agreed on suspension but after the
meeting, the Europeans considered it as inadequate and called for
extension of suspension.
"Suspension should be two-sided and the optimal outcome will be
chieved whenever both sides fulfill their commitments. We intend to
reach a consensus through dialogue and build necessary confidence,"
he said.
He stressed that presence of the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA) inspectors in Iran is an indication of Iran`s good
cooperation with the agency, saying the IAEA inspectors are currently
in Iran and cooperation is underway.
"Iran cannot be forced to discontinue enrichment process and the
country will never ignore enrichment activities," the minister
reiterated and hoped Iran`s nuclear case in the IAEA would be closed
in the earliest time through settlement of minor remaining issues.
Asked about Russia`s hesitation in supplying fuel to Iran, he
said, "A delay in fuel supply was due to technical reasons and the
issue will be finalized during Russian president`s (upcoming) visit
to Iran which we are currently working on its date.
"A contract for fuel should be inked and an additional protocol
drawn up to this effect. The project has been prolonged due to
negotiations on technical, financial and pricing issues but it is on
the final stage and will be signed soon," Kharrazi stated.


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